All you need to know about boutique hotels

boutique hotelsMost people enjoy travelling. Travelling forms an important part of the lives of people who enjoy it. The long drive, the exquisite scenery and atmosphere of the place make the trip a pleasurable experience. Where you stay also forms a significant part of the adventure. Keeping this in mind the hotel industry has introduced the concept of boutique hotels.

Features of boutique hotels
Boutique hotels are no longer used just by the outstation traveller. People from the city also take advantage of the features of such hotels. Restaurants, spas, designer boutiques are some of the features that keep the people coming back to the boutique hotels. The integrated services offered by the boutique hotels, make it convenient for the local people to enjoy get away from the din of their everyday lives.
Boutique hotels have gained momentum only in the last decade. Big and small cities all over the world have incorporated boutique hotels in their infrastructure. Staying in Boutique hotels, also known as “designer” or “lifestyle” hotels is often considered an elitist form of extravagance. Boutique hotels are smaller and focus on serving their personal customers rather than others, as compared to regular hotels.
Boutique hotels have less than 50 rooms and their aim is to provide their customers with a pleasant stay. There has been a rise in the boutique hotels due to the popular demand of its customers. Cities famous for their tourist attractions are home to many boutique hotels. The exclusivity of boutique hotels allows its customers to enjoy their stay with as much privacy as they need.
Many of the famous chains of hotels like the Marriott and the Sheraton have branched themselves to smaller boutique hotels in smaller and more visually appeasing locations. Romantic cities like Paris and Venice have many boutique hotels as offer their customer’s exclusiveness and solitude.
Boutique hotels are an ideal option if you are looking to get away from work or for just a vacation. The boutique hotels are cost effective as they offer lower rates than five star hotels while giving you a special treatment as well.

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