Touring Lower Manhattan by bike

The very heart of New York City can be no other than Lower Manhattan, the home of many of the most iconic institutions not only in the city, but in the nation. New York bike rental allow you to enjoy the diversity of the people and places better than any other way. A wonderful way to spend the day is to bike along the East River, through Battery Park and then back north along the Hudson River.

Let’s have a look at a few of the great sights of Lower Manhattan:


A great place to start is Chinatown, right at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge. Here you will find a maze of small streets that will remind anyone that has been there of Hong. A ride through Chinatown will bring you close to traditional markets, tea shops and some of the best restaurants in the city.

Wall Street:

It has long ago been swallowed up by progress but yes, there actually was a wall on Wall Street. When it was built by the Dutch the wall was intended to keep them safe from native people that called the island their home. New York bike rental is an ideal way to see and get a feel for what now is the hub of global commerce. Although the streets have long since been paved, many of the streets you will be biking on are among the oldest in America.

World Trade Center Memorial:

Who will ever forget September 11, 2001? The memorial that has been built on the site of the Twin Towers honors the people that died on that fateful day. Today, the towers have been replaced by One World Trade Center, the area has changed considerably, it has not and never will forget the past but it is an area that is focused on the future.

Battery Park connects with the Hudson River Greenway Park and the East River bikeway and if you are inclined, you can get out on the water on the Staten Island Ferry. For more information visit Hudson River Sightseeing Bike Rentals and Tours.

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