Expect Excellent Seafood Cuisine at New York’s Finest Seafood Restaurants

Over the years, New York has been able to boast that they have some of the best seafood restaurants. There are plenty in which to choose from that serve many different types of seafood dishes that vary per establishment. If you are a seafood lover, then you need to try several different restaurants so you can taste the variety of entrees they provide for their customers.  While the atmosphere is different in every restaurant, they all tend to have the same classy appeal that draws savvy patrons.

Starters and Raw Bars

Once you have stepped into a seafood restaurant you will be greeted by a professional wait staff that is there to make sure you enjoy every part of your meal. Typically when you are seated, the waiter will bring you a fresh basket of bread to enjoy while you are browsing the menu. Not all restaurants do this, but those that are concerned with the comfort of the guests offer this as a base service. Some seafood restaurants even offer a raw bar that is stocked with fresh fish that can be consumed in its raw state.

Enjoy a Variety of Menu Choices

Most seafood restaurants have a variety of menu choices that include many different types of fish. Some chefs even make it a point to visit a fresh fish market daily to hand-pick the fish they are going to prepare for the day. Guests can expect to have some of the finest dishes prepared when a chef takes these measures to ensure their food is exemplary. It is important that the menu choices differ and represent the entire talents of the kitchen. Dishes can include anything from pasta, steaks, chicken, salads, and desserts to name a few.

Classic Seafood Entrees

After enjoying an appetizer, then it is on to the entrees. There are usually plenty of seafood options with other dishes that expand a menu. Specials are created with recipes that differ from the main entrees normally available on the menu. They can include dishes that are prepared with seasonal fish and other ingredients. It is always good to ask about specials so you can try new seafood dishes such as Yellow Fin Tuna and Mahi Mahi with sides that compliment them. If you have enough room after eating your dinner, then take the time to try delicious desserts such as homemade cheesecake, Crème Brule or other cakes and pies.

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